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School & Community Drives:

I'm currently donating the More than Peach Sketchpad along with skin-tone/multicultural crayons to LCPS elementary classrooms and skin-tone/multicultural colored pencils to Middle Schools Art and History classrooms. Please contact me at vip@morehthanpeach.com if you or if you know a business that can help!

Would you like to lead my More than Peach at your school?  The Educator and District Toolkit will provide tools and curriculum guidance to lead a successful More than Peach drive in your community.  Visit  https://morethanpeach.com/bellens-kits  to learn more!

Year-Round Peer Support

The Peer Palette group is now active!  We recently baked 8 dozen cookies for the Headstart Program Book Party!  We had an AWESOME time!  Visit the Peer Palette section of the website if you would like to get involved. Stay up-to-date by following me on Twitter @bellenthebee / Facebook @morethanpeach /or Instagram@morethanpeachproject!

Exceptional Enrichment & Leadership Opportunities

On January 28th, Mayor Burk and the Town Council recognized the creator of The More than Peach Project for her leadership, courage, and consideration in moving More than Peach forward. What a huge honor!  Thank you!  We appreciate all you do and for providing the platform for us to be change-makers too!

On February 4th, 2020 Bellen was recognized by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for modeling nationally, exceptional academic achievement, and for being a youth leader! Way to go!

On March 13th, Bellen's story and More than Peach Project were received at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture (VMHC) to be added in posterity to its museum collection!  "Thank to VMHC and the wonderful staff for recognizing my work and inspiring me to continue to do my part to move the conversations forward so everyone knows they're important.  Because that's important."  ❤-Bellen

And there's so much more!  Check back for updates!

MTP Rainbow-level Supporters!

Loudoun Diversity Council